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Sooooooooooo good, keep up!

Awesome creativity!

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
the only downside is that it is very short but a very good idea.

A Key(s) Path (Full Game)


un concepto muy original que merece ser desarrollado 

This is an incredibly creative idea and the pixel are is beautiful. I did have trouble putting the keys back in their spots though. Otherwise loved it! :~)

My impression:

make more!


me llega al pincho tu juego kk de mierda
atte. tu profesor

managed to beat it without going right





This was a really neat little game. The idea is very interesting, and could easily be expanded in lots of different ways. One way that I think would be lots of fun is adding one extra button that has different functions in different levels. Perhaps you have a Hollow Knight style midair dash in one level, and then in another the ability to turn metal and block or break certain things. Adding a bunch of different keys for abilities would give you too many platforms to work with, but one extra button that changes function would work well.

Also, right click to retrieve all placed keys would be a nice feature.


About your last point, in the latest version I am working on you retrieve all keys on death and at a checkpoint, so it’s way more practical. For the rest, I prefer to keep the control scheme as simple as possible (which makes it way easier to design with) and focus on external mechanics, like the shooters, that makes you use the keys in a new way. Thanks for the suggestions !


Makes sense to me! Actually, the way you phrased that made me think of some very different mechanic ideas. The main one is adding some sort of gizmo that moves all your placed keys when you run into it. Something like an arrow that could face up, down, left, or right. That would add lots of possibilities, especially combined with common mechanics like push-able blocks and various sorts of switches. Also, lines of arrows could turn the placed keys into an interesting version of moving platforms.

Cool concept and cool graphics.

I would love more of this! Really fun, I would love to see it with a bit more dev time. 

Really fun concept :)

Well done. Here is my first impressions on this game. Hope you find some useful feedback!


Nice game, though I did cheese a checkpoint (I could have solved it normally) and then felt that I had to cheese the final checkpoint.

how can you cheese a check point

fun fun ty

Such a clever mechanic!

This is really fun and it has a good amount of difficulty.

VERY fun !!!

I love this game, its awesome.

i like it,it is so good

this is great, loved the unique concept of sacrificing your movement to solve the puzzle

i speedrun this game this is my time after a week of trying

after a week of trying? I did 3 runs and got 41s. I highly doubt you spent a week for a terrible run

This was awesome! I was honestly surprised with how much some of the puzzles twisted my brain, lol.

wow amazing i love it

I LOVED IT, the gameplay is awesome, the game is short but challenging and fun! 

Wow, great pixel art style, nice gameplay and cool sfx, its a very good made game!


Oh. There's only one level. Very interesting concept. "We will watch your career with great interest."


Great game, I wish it were longer but that's a good sign ;-)

I missed some music but loved the SFX and the ambientation.


There's a softlock in the second level, after the part with the fireballs, if you dont drag the left key with you while you fall then you can't continue and can't go back


you can click the empty slot to retrieve a key

it took me three days to beat this game I'm losing my sanity I can finally sleep now



Nice game, very original concept!

Very interesting!

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