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i found somethin

What was the intended solution of the last puzzle ? I'm guessing jumping off the jump block by pressing shift and jump at the same time wasnt the intended way lol (also if you're a better player than me you can even use this to have infinite jumps by placing the space block below you)

I cheesed the last puzzle lol

i love how the main menu is combined or whatever the word is with the itch page


it's my best game i think. Thank you for devlopping it

интересная игра, с интересной идеей. Есть пару моментов которые мне не понравилиь, например: прыжок. Меня смутило растояние на которое прыгает игрок. А так все супер, продолжай в том же духе).



interesting game with an interesting idea. There are a couple of things that I didn't like, for example: the jump. I was confused by the distance the player jumps. And so everything is super, continue in the same spirit).

Fun, and very cool Idea, music, and art


how did you make this in 48 hours its so polished

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felt rewarding that i could use some simple bug/feature with one key to find this easter egg

very nice game

easter egg in the third level i believe

Those objects that make you beat the level have me inspiered for my game

I used to play this game at school in 2021 and 2022 and till this day I've been keeping this fantastic game in my mind

thanks for making this

This is amazing


I beat it and found unused tiles!

W game fr

such a cool game but im really sad that there are only 3 levels on the web version :(

Site promotion as it is an interesting concept.

did this get an update? I feel like there was more content on the revisit

cool game too, deserved the feature


is this a bug? or a feature


It’s an easter egg I put there :)

Ok didn't know if it was an Easter egg or a glitch :))

The rock whatever tile could be breakable with "something", maybe a projectile

The blue whatever tile could be used to be something that blocks projectiles and lets the player pass through it

The white whatever tile could be used to reflect projectiles since it looks metallic

very fun game and nice that you put it there:) cant wait for more

no way I just posted this

Wonderful game, simple idea but brilliantly executed!

A really interesting game, thanks a lot

Pretty good game whit a cool mechanic <3

Nice Game really helps to get ideas for a platformer game in Godot good Game

difficulty: 10/10



I discovered that you can jump and place a block under you, so you can basically fly. I found this using the bug:

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i discovered that  on that same level

Hey there ! Yep, this is an easter egg I hid in the level for people who figured out how to use that technique. And don’t worry, it’s not really a bug (a bug would mean it doesn’t work as intended). I can make it impossible to use, but chose not to because I like seeing people discover and use it !

Hope you still enjoyed the game ^^

oh me too

This has come far since the jam. Well done man if You want to beat the speedrun


trash  bugs


Nice game but please rework the difficulty curve; level 2 is way too hard

Very cool idea and gameplay. You can be proud of this one.

This is amazing!

I really like the concept and hope you can add more levels some day!

I tried to catch a shot of the shift key going brrrrr, but I had to press ctrl+shift+i to do it which then shift gets rid of all the keys.

Hey uh, how do I convert a mp4 File into a png file?

dont ask me

love this game, amazing!

Very creative concept, I can see this is an idea that has a lot of potential for new levels and functions! Also, really beautiful graphics and design, and very fluid animation! Hoping to see more of this in the future :D

Have you ever wanted a nice, asthetically pleasing platformer that used unconventional forms of movement to allow you to traverse puzzle rooms and get to places in a fun way? Well, you're in for a treat with this one!

While A Keys Path at it's core is a 2D puzzle platformer, it presents a really unique aspect in that you can use the keys that allow you to move and jump as platforms. When you use said key as a platform, the game bars you from using that key to move your character, making the player choose which movement would be beneficial and how to setup their own platforms to progress stages.

This review will be updated as more comes out for this game, but just know that it's 3 stages and very basic (however stage 3 can be a bit challenging, and try to find the Easter Egg if you can!). Here's to hoping we get dashing, wall jumping, double-jump, and all the other things that make platformers great with the added bonus of giving the player more freedom!

My playthrough:

Do you not realize there's a spinning cube in the f*cking backround?

I didn´t notice until you said it

Very good game, it is a solid concept and entertaining. I hope you keep working on it even more!

This was a really good short game. I definitely see plenty of opportunity to add to it in the future with more levels, keys, and so forth if you're still working on it!

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Love the game, I played it after the last update, the puzzles were nice but I still want more content!!

Super jeu découvert à l'Indie Game Lyon, mon fils a adoré ;) 
Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de musique sur cette version, vivement la version final, travail bien !

Merci beaucoup, c’était super de vous avoir vus au salon ! Si vous voulez y rejouer, je viens de mettre la page à jour avec la version du salon améliorée ^^

Sprechen Deutsch


So there isn't alot in here. i know this is a game jam and it is hard trying to code this, but the jam is over and know you should have time to make more levels. other than that, it's a great game. 8.5/10

Really good concept, kiiinda clunky sometimes but it's not a final version so it's normal.

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