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i like it,it is so good

this is great, loved the unique concept of sacrificing your movement to solve the puzzle

i speedrun this game this is my time after a week of trying

after a week of trying? I did 3 runs and got 41s. I highly doubt you spent a week for a terrible run

This was awesome! I was honestly surprised with how much some of the puzzles twisted my brain, lol.

wow amazing i love it

I LOVED IT, the gameplay is awesome, the game is short but challenging and fun! 

Wow, great pixel art style, nice gameplay and cool sfx, its a very good made game!


Oh. There's only one level. Very interesting concept. "We will watch your career with great interest."


Great game, I wish it were longer but that's a good sign ;-)

I missed some music but loved the SFX and the ambientation.


There's a softlock in the second level, after the part with the fireballs, if you dont drag the left key with you while you fall then you can't continue and can't go back


you can click the empty slot to retrieve a key

it took me three days to beat this game I'm losing my sanity I can finally sleep now



Nice game, very original concept!

Very interesting!


great game i wish there was more  


This was super good!! I want more! 


cool concept but could be longer

Theres a bug that you can place keys in the no key area

(1 edit)

It's possible to get stuck in positions where you've placed for example the left key and walked forward long enough that you can't retrieve that key since it's off screen. As it is now you have to restart the whole game if you get stuck in this way! So the Esc-menu should have a "Suicide to return to last checkpoint" option or there should be a button on the screen that lets you retrieve all placed keys even if they aren't on screen.

Edit: Ok, now that I've played through the whole thing restarting the whole game felt like less of an issue due to how short the game was, but if you were to make this into a full game (and you should, since the concept is great) the above fix would be needed.

In a full game I'd also want a "use item"-button (say shift och ctrl to give a 2x1 block sized button) that's unlocked later in the game, when you pick up the first item, and that lets you activate the held item for a special move. If you can only hold one item at a time (dropping your old item if you pick up a new one), and with different items abilities making it possible to bypass different configurations of blocks and enemies you could make a whole metric crapton of new levels where you have to figure out what order you have to pick up and equip different items, place keys, remove the ability to use said special abilities and so on. This should be enough to make enough levels for a full release game!

Of course, doing so would take more than 48 hours, but this could become the sort of game I would happily pay money to buy a full release version of! 

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Hey there !

So, there are a few things that can be clarified and I’m working on it. In the game, you can click the empty slots in the bar to retrieve the keys even when they’re off screen (it should be specified in the tutorial text).

About new mechanics, I want to keep the core gameplay as simple as possible, but still fun to use - the idea is movement, and sacrifying it to unlock paths.

Adding an item the way you suggest it would make the game a hassle to play, by slowing down the gameplay even more since you’d need to constantly swap items along with controls, and doesn’t fit with the core idea of the game.

Either way, thank you a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it ! A big update is coming soon (probably in a few days) where I fixed most of the problems that came up often.

Until then, don’t hesitate to follow the game or the Github repository ^^

im a speedy boy


Pretty short game but I like it !




Hey I really enjoy your game! I found myself playing it over a few times just to see the different ways to complete the various sections. Being able to place the controls on screen and utilize them as platforms but not as buttons is amazing and its freshing to see new mechanics like that. I could see that mechanic being amazing (and nightmare-ish) if used in a high speed run/level since you can jump and quickly place the blocks below the character.

anyway, great game 10/10. keep it up

Congratulations! for GMTK gamejam 2020. I loved this game...Do check out walkthrough done by me and also share it with you friends.

Looking forward to more such games from you.


Thank you a lot for your video !

Neat idea! I like how the gameplay encompasses both a puzzle and platformer feel, where you had to combine the two to proceed through the next levels. Maybe in the future, you could add more levels with different settings, a recall button for the buttons, and more buttons overall. Awesome game! :)

I got softlocked after checkpoint 

I would recommend a recall button.

will you make it a bit longer it ends too fast i would like to see a full game made out of that

Oh, but I am ! You can follow development on the github repository of the game or on my twitter (see the game’s description and my profile)

yoo it will be a really good game are you planing for a release date??

Not for now, I will update this page progressively until I settle on a clear objective for the game.


Hello, I had fun playing this game :) ...I have made a review video on Best games from GMTK game jam 2020, and I have include your game review there... Do check it out and also Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel...Soon I will be uploading a walk through video of your game as well...Once again, Superb work... looking forward for more :)

found a glitch where if you put your right arrow key down and go back to the previous checkpoint you lose your right arrow key forever. i had to kill my character so i went back went across a checkpoint and had to restart the whole game.

other than that amazing game!

(3 edits)
Click the empty right arrow slot to retrieve it

I found out header 6 is smaller than normal text




Loved the game, it's a really cool mechanic. That last challenge was awesome to.


sometimes you respawn to far away and softlock the game but its not that common so i doesnt downplay how good this is


You can retrieve a control by clicking the empty slot in the bar ! I should specify it until there is a proper ingame tutorial.

(5 edits)

Hmm interesting concept and very nice visuals.
The controls feel a bit wonky at times. It'd be worth trying to fix the mouse cursor in position when the character jumps, instead of it moving with the camera. It'd be easier to place tiles when you're in mid-air, which is challenging (good) but also frustrating (not so good), especially when there are projectiles you need to block with the other tile.

Wow. That's really cool!


great game! i hope you make more levels.

Wow, best "let's remove your controls" game I've found this far. Also how you transformed a simple platformer into a puzzle game. I loved the first puzzle with the "no control-platforms" area, how it made you consider each movement. Also, the idea to solve the last puzzle was really good too! Really good job, presentation too!

My only issue was that, in terms of the platforming aspect, it was a bit hard to do the jumps, since you get stuck in corners (or fall from corners) many times. But with a bit of tweaks and some coyote times you're golden! I'd love to see this concept with many other keys and twist your player's mind even further hahaha

Great job!

Thank you a lot for your feedback ! I updated the game post-jam to implement and fix most of the feedback I had, and a better collider and movement was part of it. Feel free to try the update, even though the level is the same length ^^’


Wow! This game is really impressive. I love it, the concept is super interesting :D


I really enjoyed this game, congratulation for coming up with the concept!

This game is brilliant. Fantastic concept and really well implemented. I love the design and animation. I got myself stuck by running away from my controls that I had placed in the world and even found a cool exploit maybe, (jumping and moving a box underneath me??). Either way I had a blast. One of the best games of the jam by far. Really good interpretation of the theme. Well played buddy! 

Thank you a lot ! Yeah, I know some people got stuck because I did not specify you can click the empty slots in the bar to retrieve the controls. From now on I’ll try telling people to read the “Controls” section in the description to avoid such problem :)

If you're looking for ideas, perhaps you could make it so you're able to break keys which aren't made out of just one block (such as the space key) into smaller parts which you can then use in the world, then stick back together using a pickup like glue or something to recollect or use as a full piece again.


At first I didn't understand the perception of the theme, but after thinking a bit it was a very good implementation and it could be a very good game if you decide to expand it. Also the art was pretty cool.


Wow! C'est hyper original et un poil challenging! Super jeu ça!! 


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