Update v0.7

Hello people !

After more than one year, here’s an update for A Key(s) Path. Since it’s a personnal project, I work on it on my spare time - but with the Indie Game Lyon, I had an opportunity to work on the game a bit more !


  • new puzzles
  • new music
  • new graphics
  • and a lot of other things…

I’ve also added a paper model of the game’s icon, that you can print at home and build with just a cutter ! Paper model

I hope you’ll enjoy, and I’ll see you later ^^


A Key(s) Path - paper model (en).pdf 86 kB
Feb 20, 2022

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Sweet! I love it!

Absolutely great game!

yooo bro that sick af really good music and puzzels

olso found an easter egg 

and olso loved the first one and olso speedran it idk if id speedrun this it is kinda long but very fun thanks a lot for the unexpected update pls do more