Update v0.6

A Key(s) Path v0.6 !

In this update you’ll discover Tips, a small squirrel that will guide you throughout the game, along with an introduction level and the comeback of a basic tutorial.


  • added tutorial world
  • added tutorial text
  • added Tips
  • added fullscreen option
  • changed background textures
  • changed end goal sprite


a_keys_path_v0.6.zip Play in browser
Aug 13, 2020
a_keys_path_v0.6_win64.exe 37 MB
Aug 13, 2020
a_keys_path_v0.6_macosx.zip (untested) 18 MB
Aug 13, 2020
a_keys_path_v0.6_linux.x86_64 (untested) 42 MB
Aug 13, 2020

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Are you still updating this game? i would love to see more content

Hello ! I did continue to work on the game (you can find the indev code on Github). The project is on pause as I’m busy with university, but I will continue to work on it when I have the opportunity !