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Its good but i think there should be more fights because it felt a little to short with only those two boss battles

That was fun to play! It was a little short tho. 

I will retry the Flesh Monolith, because I had the first version and killed him one shot.

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REALLY fun game! Great art, great sounds, great music! My only criticism is that I felt like the second boss fight could've been longer.

Edit: Second boss fight is awesome!


Hey there ! there was a bug in the second boss fight which made it have only 1hp at the start of the fight. It’s fixed now and even got a pattern rework, so I can only recommend to try it again !

awesome game

Web version of game hangs while loading with latest chrome.

`Boss_Rush_Jam_v1.1.js:9 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined`

As i know latest chrome use additional restriction to shared arrays with cross-origin headers.

Good call, it’s probably due to the web build using threads to fix audio delays. If anyone encounters this bug, or generally if the web build doesn’t load, you can use the version specific to your platform instead